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PHOTOGRAFIC EDUCATION___________________________________________________


· General Course of Photography l´ Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya. (3 academic years). 1998-2001.

· Photojournalism summer course by Oviedo’s University. JUL/01.

· Workshop of World Life by Albert Masó (National Geographic). FEB/01-JUN/01

· Workshop of Photojournalism by Juan Guerrero, photographer from newspaper “El País” . MARCH 2001.

· Workshop of Travel Photography by Tino Soriano (National Geographic Traveller). MARCH 2001.

· Workshop of Photojournalism by David Airob, photographer from the newspaper “La Vanguardia”. OCT/00-FEB/01

· Workshop of Close Up by Albert Masó (National Geographic). OCT/00-FEB/01.

· Workshop of Travel Photography by Albert Pedrol. FEB/00- JUN/00.


PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE__________________________________________________



· Book’s publication “New York in your pocket ” for the Publishing “Editorial Everest ” about the city of New York. MAR 2010.

· Book’s publication “Barcelona 2004 as a lie!” with the writer Manel Trallero for the Publishing “Belacqua de Ediciones” about the social problems in the city of Barcelona.

· Collaborations on the book “Els ulls i la paraula” with the Gramenet Imatge Solidària Foundation.

· Represented by the German Agency Das Fotoarchiv.

· Cover of the Sri Lanka's reconstruction after the tsunami for the NGO Farmamundi.

· Cover of the conflick in Irak for AGENCIA EFE (Spain).

· Publications on the newspapers “La Vanguardia” and "El Mundo".

· Publications on the Travels Magazines National Geographic, Viajes, De Viajes, Zazpika, Rutas del Mundo, Rotas do Mundo (Portugal), Interviu, NOX, Viajeros, Lonely Planet, Siete Leguas, Paisajes desde el tren and Aventura Magazine.




· Photojournalism award “Fundación Caixa Galicia – Juan Cancelo” (Subject: Sri Lanka's reconstruction after the tsunami). (A Coruña). JAN 07.

· First Award Communication media “Earth's climate crisis”. Polytechnic University of Cartagena.(Subject: Sri Lanka's reconstruction after the tsunami) (Cartagena, Murcia). DEC/06.

· Nomination Award in the VI International Meeting of Photojournalism “Ciudad de Gijon” with the report “Drugs in Barcelona” (Gijón). JUN/05.

· Award to the Best Series to the Photojournalism Award “Memorial Pere Ferran”. MAY/05.

· Award to the Best Series III Certamen Nacional de Fotografía. Human Rigths. (Irak’s Children). (Realejos, Tenerife). DEC/04.

· Award for ecologist report by Ecologistas en Acción (Ecologist in Action) with IRAK. DEC/04.

· Award to the Best Series. IX Premio Internacional de Fotografía “Rafael Ramos García 2004” by theLaguna’s University (Tenerife). (Subject: the look of the deprived). NOV/04.

· First Award “Human Values”. Asociación de Minusválidos de Onteniente (Subject: AIDS in Kenya and Leprosy in Brazil). SEPT/04.

· NominationAward in the International Humanity Photo Award of UNESCO with the report “Catholic Wedding in Kenyan Rural Area” Beijing CHINA. JUN/04.

· Finalist International Digital Photography Award Gabriel Cualladó by IVAM (Valencia’s Institute of Modern Art). FEB/04.

· II Photography Award “Ciudad de Benicarló” dedicated to the subject “A United world” with “Leprosy in Brasil”. NOV/03.

· Award “Ciudad de Denia” to the 2th. Best Colection for “Kenya” (Subject: AIDS in Kenya). OCT/03.

· Award “Eugenio Rodríguez” Press Photography by the Town Council of Toledo to the best report on press published in Spain along the year 2001. DES/02.

· Granted by “V Encuentro Internacional de Fotoperiodismo” during the named “Semana Negra de Gijón”. JUL/01.

· 1st Award Tiramilles of Travelling Photography by the “Diputació de Barcelona” OCT/00.


INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITIONS___________________________________________________


· "Iraq's People", Institut Català Internacional per la PAU. (Barcelona). JUL/09-2010.

· “Think about AIDS”, Passanant (Tarragona). MAY/08.

· “Think about AIDS”, La Bòbila (L´Hospitalet, Barcelona). JAN/FEB/08.

· “Think about AIDS”, Golferichs Francesc Català-Roca. (Barcelona). JUN/JUL/07.

· “Think about AIDS”, Official College of Psychologists in Catalonia (Barcelona). MAR/APR/07.

· “Think about AIDS”, La Farinera del Clot (Barcelona). JAN/FEB/07.

· “Waiting for the Tsunami”, Metropolitan Forum (A Coruña). JUN/06.

· “Waiting for the Tsunami”, Pharmacy Faculty (Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña). JUN/06.

· “Waiting for the Tsunami”, Official College of Pharmacy in Barcelona (Barcelona). MAY/06.

· “Iraq's People” CEV Communication Image and Sound School (Barcelona). MAY/JUN/06.

· “Waiting for the Tsunami”, Town Council of Viladecavalls (Viladecavalls, Barcelona). ABR/06.

· “Waiting for the Tsunami”, Official College of Pharmacy in Girona  (Girona). MAR/06.

· “Waiting for the Tsunami”, Esteve Laboratories (Barcelona). FEB/06.

· “Waiting for the Tsunami”, Town Council of Terrassa (Terrassa, Barcelona). JAN/06.

· “Leprosy in Brazil”, SAP Tropical Medicine of Drassanes (Barcelona). FEB/06.

· “Waiting for the Tsunami”. Farinera del Clot (Barcelona). NOV/DEC/05.

· "Leprosy in Brazil", La Bòbila (L´Hospitalet, Barcelona). OCT/05.

· "Ikutha-Kenya". June and Jane Gallery. MAY/JUN/05.

· "Iraq's People". Photographic Association of Sant Adrià de Besós (Barcelona). FEB/05.

· "Can Tunis". Art's Space Femcultura (Barcelona). NOV/DEC/04.

· "Iraq's People". La Farinera del Clot (Barcelona). NOV/DEC/04.

· "Leprosy in Brazil". Museum of La Garrotxa (Olot, Gerona). AUG/04.

· "The Invisible Barcelona". Kowasa Gallery (Barcelona). JUL/04.

· “The White Magic of the Speedball in Barcelona”. Sala Can Patalarga, (Manlleu, Barcelona). JUN/04.

· "Iraq's People". La Interior Bodega (Barcelona). MAY/JUN/04.

· Audiovisual Presentation "Barcelona 2004 como mentira" (Barcelona 2004 as a lie"). Convent dels Àngels. MACBA (Barcelona). MAY/04.

· Drug dependence and Social Exclusion in Official College of Psychologists in Catalonia during the Photographic Spring. APR-MAY/04.

· "Leprosy in Brazil". La Farinera del Clot during the Photographic Spring. APR/04.

· “The White Magic of the Speedball in Barcelona”. Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya.GEN/FEB/04.

· “The White Magic of the Speedball in Barcelona”. La Farinera del Clot. (Barcelona, SPAIN). MAY/03.

· “Les Altres Glòries”. Casal Civic Vallvidriera (Barcelona, Spain). APRIL/03.

· “Les Altres Glòries”. Casal Civic Sarriá (Barcelona, Spain). DES/02.

· “Les drogués de Barcelone” a PERPIGNAN (FRANCE) Festival “Imag’in’OFF”. SET/02.

· “Les Altres Glòries” during the Photographic Spring, at La Farinera del Clot (Barcelona, Spain). ABR/02.

· “Les Altres Glòries” at the Town Council of Torrelles de Llobregat (Barcelona, Spain). GEN/02.

· “Les Altres Glòries” at the Town Council of Sant Adrià del Besòs (Barcelona, Spain). SET/01.

· “Les Altres Glòries” a SONIMAG 2001 (Barcelona, Spain).

· “Les Altres Glòries” at “El Balcó” de l’Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya. (Barcelona, Spain). ABR/MAIG 2001.

· “El Delta del Orinoco” at several libraries of Catalunya. 2000/2001.



COLLECTIVE EXHIBITIONS___________________________________________________


· Exhibition “The eyes and the word” organized by Gramenet Imatge Solidària Foundation. Palau Robert. BARCELONA ENE/FEB 2010.

· Exhibition “Los mundos de Juan Marcé” in thel Word Festival organized by Alcalá de Henares University. MADRID 2009

· Exhibition “Barcelona” in XII Guardamar Photographic Encounter 2007. Guardamar del Segura (Alicante) JUN 07.

· Exhibition “KENYA” in First Festival of Photography in Argentona. Argentona (Barcelona) ABR/MAY 07.

· Exhibition “The eyes and the word” organized by Gramenet Imatge Solidària Foundation. Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona). DIC/ENE 2007, and Sabadell (Barcelona). ENE 2007.

· “Catholic Wedding in Kenyan Rural Areas" Memories of Mankind Mémoires de l'humanité in Maison de l'UNESCO (PARIS) AGT/SEP 05.

· "The White Magic of the Speedball in Barcelona" VI International Meeting of Photojournalism "Ciudad de Gijón" (Gijón). JUN/05.

· Exhibition "HUMANITY PHOTO AWARDS 2004". Museum of Art Guangdong (Guangzhou, CHINA). NOV/04

· Virtual Exhibition International Digital Photography Award Gabril Cualladó by IVAM (Valencia's Institute of Modern Art). FEB/APR 04.

· VII International Humanitarian Award of Photography Luis Valtueña, organized by Doctors of the World, with "Leprosy in Brazil". In "La Casa Encendida" (Madrid) GEN/04.

· SONIMAG 2003 "Selection". (Barcelona)

· UPIFC in SONIMAG 2001 "Selection" (Barcelona)

· I.E.F.C. in SONIMAG 1999 "Selection". (Barcelona)




· Postgraduate Workshop “Photographic Essay in Deprived or conflictive areas”. Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya. 2005 until now.

· Postgraduate Workshop “Photography Edition" LA FARINERA DEL CLOT” (Barcelona). OCT 08 until now.

· Postgraduate Workshop “Photojournalism" CEV Communication Image and Sound School. 2006 until 2008.

· Postgraduate Workshop “Travel Photography" CEV Communication Image and Sound School. 2007 until 2008.

· Workshop “Social Photography and Photojournalism” in the II Development Communitarian Cultural Event. (Granollers, Barcelona. MAR/07).

· Workshop “Armed Conflicts and International Human Right" International Press Center of Barcelona. MAY/06.

· Workshop “Photojournalism. Photographic Group Centro de Estudios Argentonins Jaume Clavell (Argentona, Barcelona). JAN/05.

· Workshop “Photojournalism: How to tell a story”. Centre Cultural La Bobila (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona). JAN-MARCH/05.

· Conference in the summer course of Universidad de Barcelona “Health and social attention in urban deprived areas” JUL/04.

· General Photography Course by Town Council of Polinyà (Barcelona). 2002-2006.

· Digital Photography Course “LA FARINERA DEL CLOT” (Barcelona). ABR-JUN/03 and OCT/03 until now.

· Travel Photography Course “LA FARINERA DEL CLOT” (Barcelona). JAN/04 until now.




· Member of Unión de Profesionales de la Imagen y la Fotografía de Cataluña (UPIFC).



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